Mc-Solution CRM, Customer Relationship Management Software (It allows, among other things, to record customer information, the history of their interactions with the company, organize them in a relevant way and present them clearly on a dashboard conducive to action.

Contacting the customer, partner or supplier at the right time, with the right information is crucial to nurture the relationship, convert prospects into customers or retain customers. The MC-Solution Hybrid CRM: the ideal foundation for your company’s sustainability strategy.

The competitiveness of our rates combined with the reliability of our solutions will allow you to enjoy a quality of service excellence. MC solution guarantees proximity support, from commissioning to support. Simplicity, listening, support

Robotic Dialer

  • Use voice streaming to generate new business. Download a list of contacts and call them to offer a simple press-1 option. The contacts are then directly connected to your company. Plan campaigns at the best times for your contacts, customize the number of calls per second, and more.

Detailed reports and analysis of calls

    • Detailed reports on your voice delivery campaigns help you plan efficiently. You’ll get a real-time campaign report, a detailed call report, and a daily performance report.

Text to speak

  • You can use our speech engine, record your own audio or download any audio file you already have. Listen to the audio files to make sure it is perfect before sending.

Access to the Services:

Access to the Services is via a connection using the Internet protocol (whether or not provided by Mc Solution) or via a local access provider as part of the pre-selection.